AFS GmbH - Financial advice is a matter of trust

AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Financial advice is a matter of trust


AVAL Financial Services GmbH is a partner of the AVT association. The company is based in Bad Tölz and was founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of AVAL Financial Services LLC / USA Florida. This company has been active in the US market for over 20 years. Benjamin Berendes is the current managing director of AVAL Financial Services GmbH. His top priority is customer satisfaction.

Markus Berendes is a long-standing collaborator. He still contributes with his knowledge nevertheless, he is increasingly concentrating on the strategic direction of AVAL Financial Services GmbH.

Consulting as a core competence

Financial Advice

The company focuses on providing financial advice to its clients, as well as providing long-term support in all financial matters. The team is specialized in financial investments and savings opportunities. Furthermore, the experts at AFS GmbH arrange funding opportunities which are tailored to the individual customer needs.

Emergency Folder

Another core competence of AVAL Financial Services GmbH is the creation of emergency folders for entrepreneurs and private households. An emergency folder is a collection of all important documents which should be available immediately in case of an emergency. An emgergency folder can contain the following documents: Custody order, power of attorney, testament, living will, preventive documents, access data, passwords and much more.

Damage Management

The AVAL Financial Services GmbH takes care of the processing of all contracts on behalf of the clients. An example is the claim processing against insurance companies. The AFS GmbH convinces with its many years of experience in these areas.
Like all partners in the AVT Verbund, the employees of AVAL Financial Services GmbH attach great importance to an individual and comprehensive consultation of the clients.