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Benjamin Berendes was born in Munich in 1984. He is truly living his motto of life “further, always further”. At first glance, there is nothing to suggest that Benjamin Berendes would take a different path than becoming a financial professional. In fact, there were many obstacles which had to be overcome in order to reach this level of professionalism.

Benjamin Berendes gained a lot of life experience in order to find his professional direction in life. This is how Berendes managed to go his way without being discouraged by setbacks. The professional realization is not his only motivation, he is also very concerned about the interests of his clients.

Professional background

Benjamin Berendes started with an apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist (IHK). Afterwards he gained initial experience in the practice of this profession. From 2004 to 2006, Berendes worked as a waiter and bartender at the Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten. After the time in Hinterzarten he moved on and he started working as a bartender in the Admiral Filmpalast in Nuremberg. In this location he was able to gain more experience and working with people became more and more the focus of his daily life. Already one year later, Benjamin Berendes became bar manager and deputy restaurant manager on the MS Astoria. His areas of responsibility grew, and so did his goals. After two years on sea, Berendes took over the position as sales representative at Coporate Albeck & Zehen Hotels in Berlin in 2008.

In 2010 he was promoted to the sales manager at the same company. During this time, Berendes completed a further training to become a graduate in hotel business management (IST). Due to the financial responsibility of his position as sales manager, Benjamin Berendes started another training as an insurance specialist (IHK) and immediately afterwards he started another training as financial investment specialist (IHK). Benjamin Berendes had found his profession as well as his professional passion. During his apprenticeship as an insurance specialist, he already worked as a sales representative at AVAL Financial Services GmbH in Bad Tölz and was able to gain his first experience in finances. Through this practice he was able to devlop his knowledge rapidly.  

Benjamin Berendes established a solid foundation for his professional development by completing this training and gaining practical experience in the financial sector. In 2014 he became managing director of AVAL Financial Services GmbH. He is working very successfully in this position for the company in Bad Tölz until today.

AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Founded in 2013. The foundation ultimately goes back to the initiative of Benjamin Berendes, who, as already mentioned, continues to lead the entrepreneurial fortunes of the company to this day.

Benjamin Berendes

Benjamin Berendes during a lecture

AVAL Financial Services GmbH is located in Bad Tölz and is your serious and reliable partner in all areas of financial services. AVAL Financial Services GmbH is licensed as a real estate agent (in accordance with § 34 c Abs. 1 GewO), as well as an insurance broker and advisor (in accordance with § 34 d Abs. 1 GewO) and also as an intermediary for financial investments (in accordance with § 34 f Abs. 1 GewO). In addition, the company also has approval as a broker for real estate loans (in accordance with § 34 i Abs. 1 GewO). Therefore, the AVAL is able to offer a complete service in the area of investment advice. AVAL arranges loan contracts, insurance contracts and financial investments and places great value on the individual and personal support of its clients. AVAL ensures this high-quality service through many years of experience of its employees, such as the experience of Benjamin Berendes.

AVAL Financial Services GmbH is also a partner of the AVT Verbund (general investment and trust). Experts have come together in this network to integrate the respective competencies and to be able to respond even more precisely to the requirements and needs of the clientele. Therefore, AVAL Financial Services GmbH is a competent and reliable partner in all areas of financial advice. This is the result of constant further development of the concepts over the years and the credit of experts like Benjamin Berendes.