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Markus Berendes

Financial expert of the AVT association, born on February 19, 1959 in Wiesbaden. He is a passionate sailor.

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  • 1976 - 1979 apprenticeship as a bank clerk (IHK) Deutsche Bank, Munich
  • 1979 - 1980 military service in the German Armed Forces
  • 1980 Deutsche Bank operating reserve, Munich
  • 1981 Trainee Finance Denenberg Corp. Chicago
  • 1981 - 1984 General Agency Manager Bonnfinanz AG, asset consulting Munich
  • 1984 - 1999 Partner and Managing Director of Fima International GmbH, Munich
  • 1999 - 2003 Financial Advisor at Capitalinvest GmbH, Lenggries
  • 2003 - 2012 Financial Advisor at AVAL Financial Services LLC, Lenggries
  • 2013 - today Financial Advisor at AVAL Financial Services GmbH, Bad Tölz

About Markus Berendes

Financial expert and investment advisor

Financial and asset advice is directly linked to a high level of trust. It is our highest priority that our clients can trust their financial advisor. Markus Berendes is your competent partner for financial and asset advice and has supported many customers for years at Aval Financial Services GmbH. Whether as a private or business customer, Mr. Berendes advises you extensively in all areas of preventive and emergency planning.

The past few years have been marked by financial crises and the associated uneasiness on the financial market. As a married family man, Mr. Berendes knows about his own desire to build up a stable reserve for the family. Our clients benefit from Markus Berendes’ experience and advisory know-how a lot. You can be one of these clients as well! For many years he has been the first point of contact for clients when it comes to wealth creation, financing matters, retirement provision, inheritance or the transfer of assets.

Markus Berendes’ career

Curriculum vitae – Education and fields of activity

Markus Berendes has been working for AVAL Financial Services’ since 2003 and supports the company with professional expertise and excellent advice in all financial matters. Since 2013 Markus Berendes has been at the customers’ side in Bad Tölz as a professional wealth and financial advisor. Before that, he worked for four years as a financial advisor at Capitalinvest GmbH in Lenggries. From 1984 to 1999 he was active as a partner and managing director at Bonnfinanz AG in Munich.

Three years earlier, he was successfully employed as general agency manager in the same company. He obtained a special qualification in 1981. In this year Markus Berendes gained additional professional and international experience in Chicago and expanded his knowledge as a trainee in finance. In 1980, after he finished his serving in the military, he was employed in the operational reserve department of Deutsche Bank for one year.

Afterwards he decided to extend his professional experience in Chicago. At the Deutsche Bank, he completed his professional training as a certified banker (IHK) before the military service started. Meanwhile, Mr. Markus Berendes has become an integral part of Aval Financial Services and advises clients extensively on all imaginable financial products and introduces them to lucrative products for wealth creation.

AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Being able to live properly, during life - wealth accumulation and wealth growth

AVAL Financial Services GmbH focuses on your wealth growth and takes into account all tax benefits. Trust in the long-term experience of Aval Financial Services GmbH and benefit from allowances, premium payments and tax benefits, through the concentrated and tailored statement of assets of financial products. Protect yourself and your family members before it is too late against disability, accident and death and use the individual consultation. Your current life situation will be taken into account to create the best solutions for your needs.

Retire with a clear conscience - financial stability and retirement provision

Are you in need of a well thought-out concept for reliable and guaranteed wealth accumulation? Secure yourself for old age and take the pressure off your family through a predictive wealth planning. Mr. Markus Berendes designs an emergency folder with you and updates your contracts in order that you can ladle out the maximum financial benefits. Consider the cost of care which might come up to you. Most of the clients can not record and process a lot of cost items, tax content and premium guarantees on their one. A professional support is urgently required.

Through the individual approaches of Aval Financial Services GmbH, you can prepare for your retirement with confidence. For an extended planning, Mr. Markus Berendes is by your side and advises you on the legally compliant living will, the care provision and on the power of attorney. Remain able to act even in old age and make your own decisions, also in the case of care. Secure your assets for inheritance and take care of your financial relief in old age separately. Mr. Markus Berendes will appreciate to present individual financial concepts to you. He will work with you closely to design your individual retirement provision.

Lucrative inheritance - tax and legal advice in generation planning

The topic of “inheriting correctly” is of great importance in private life as well as in business and requires sensitive treatment. It is particularly important that a specialist deals with your documents in order that you can pass on the assets you have generated in a lucrative manner. Discuss your ideas of business succession with Markus Berendes and work together on a concept for business transfer with taking into account the tax situation.


What role does Markus Berendes hold at AFS GmbH?
Markus Berendes still supports AVAL Financial Services GmbH with his know-how in the field of financial consulting. AFS GmbH was founded by AVAL Financial Services LLC in Florida and operates in Germany.

What does AFS GmbH do?
AVAL Financial GmbH has specialized in claims processing for its clients as well as in emergency planning. Markus can support his clients before and during the occurrence of an emergency.

What is the connection between AFS GmbH and the AVT association?
AFS GmbH is a partner of the AVT association and thus part of an internationally oriented network of experts from the areas of finance and investment management and tax.

How can I contact Markus Berendes?
The following contact options are available to you:
Tel .: +49 (8041) 79957-30; Fax: +49 (8041) 79957-40; Email: support@afs-portal.de

You can also find Markus Berendes on XING, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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